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  •  Udi Stays in high demand around NYC as a session player and lead guitarist. After 10 yeas in the smooth jazz genera, composing more than 30 jazz songs and
    3 major radio single hits, Udi decided to take a sudden transition and he is
    about to release his ROCK instrumental music debut CD.
    ​ I have always wanted to accomplish that ...and I've decided that its now or never.
    It was really fun and challenging to stretch my musical horizon.
    And even though rock music was always around the corner ,I had to be focused
    on smooth jazz for a while to establish myself as an artist...but not any more and
    I think all of my fans will be very pleased to see my other side .
    Now I'm not just a smooth jazz artist but A GUITAR PLAYER! no strings
    ​attached and no musical boundaries." His second rock CD "Addictive Substance" came in 2017 Udi pushed the limits some more adding more technical songs and melodies, he blends almost any style but still maintain the rock vibe.
    ​ After great success with his debut CD, Udi released another smooth jazz CD "Ahava" , the single "Moment we  touch"  placed in the top 10 smooth jazz charts .Udi went on tour ,covering NYC, Chicago, Boston and Reno NV.  His first release” Smooth Jazz Tales”,  was receiving great acclaim and  placed among the top 50 on “smooth jazz charts” and “Music Choice cable channel” in just 3 months. His single “As Simple As That" had climbed  the charts steadily along with top smooth jazz artist: Tower of Power and Paul Jackson Jr. Years of discipline and exploration with the guitar have led him to many genres of music and international acclaim.   His effortless playing and passionate performances have wooed audiences around the globe from Maplewoodstock Festival in NJ and Aviv Festival in Miami,  to his impressive invitation to play for former President of Israel Ezer Weitzman. With the help of ASL Media and Promotion, has recorded radio spots to be introduced including the UK smooth jazz circuit  JazzNet 247 and WJAB 90.0 FM. Udi has traveled extensively with his guitar to try his hand in various genres from hard rock to blues and jazz.  He studied with greats such as Steve Paskof, (Berklee College of Music Alumni) who has played with greats such as Marcus Miller and John Scofield. After performing in different regions around world from Eastern Europe to Canada's borders from coast to coast in America, he has settled and found his home in NYC.  He plays regularly at The Bitter End, The Groove NY, Cutting Room and other high-end venues around the city.  Udi has left his signature licks on many artist CD’s such as Mano Reza- The Acid Jazz Project vol 1, James Reeno- Reeno 360 Degrees, Devlin Miles- Autumn’s Fires, David Easton- Long Road Home and considered to be on a high demand session player of Spazzoid Records and many more.

Discography-click on the images to buy!

Smooth Jazz Tales 2008

Udi Levy's CD Smooth Jazz Tales

Including "As Simple As That"

Ahava 2011

Udi Levys CD Ahava

Including "Ahava" and "Moment We Touch"

A Sudden Transition 2014

Udi Levy's CD A Sudden Transition

"Including " One For My Daddy'o"

Addictive Substance 2017

Udi Levy's CD Addictive Substance

Including " SexDrive"


From "A Sudden Transition"  2014

Single "Addictive Substance" 2017


Listen to the new release by Udi Levy

Guitars Amps and More

Suhr Modern 7 Strings

Once you go 7 strings you never go back ha... I've tried 7 strings guitar 4 years ago and it blow my mind, opened up a whole new creative dimension in me, "Addictive Substance" Album is basically based on 7 string guitars.

Suhr Modern 7 Strings

Having one 7 string guitar was a bit scary considering all my tunes were composed and based on it, so I bought another one!

1971 Fender Stratocaster

Great Vintage vibe and great guitar.

Not really using it for my project but as a side work and recording session it sounds great.

G&L ASAT 1989

Great sounding tel vibe guitar even though it has its own voicing.

Again not really playing on it but its great for side projects.

1972 GIBSON ES-335

It was my mine guitar for the two jazz CDs and num-res recording session definitely a keeper. 


My favorite part of equipment...pedal board.

Pedals change from time to time but these set up is with me for a while, can cover a lot of projects. 

JCM 2000 Marshall

Second hand tons of repairs but still the best amp out there. Big and wide sound

TSL 2000 Marshall

Same as his brother and slightly different voicing, great as well

212 Mesa CAB

One day I will try Marshall Cab as well but this one did the job really well on my CD's

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